Culture in healing, healing in cultures - intercultural training for health workers

The quality of the relation connecting the health worker to the patient is an important element of the healing process. The cultural distance separating the two often creates an invisible bias producing unnecessary tensions, compromising successful patient-professional cooperation. Minorities and migrants are often cited as obvious examples of cultural otherness; it is less readily recognised that patients coming simply from different social contexts than that of the majority population might also pose problems to the medical system.


The aim of the training is: to increase self-consciousness and self-reflection of the health workers, as well as to give them a few keys to understand better cultural patterns different from theirs, in order to render their work more efficient and less contentious

We suggest the training to: doctors, nurses, psychologists, birth attendants, and other health professionals who work with a diverse public and wish to better understand the intercultural underpinnings of their work

When? July 22-26, 2015.

Where? Budapest

Working language: English

Fee:                 for non-Erasmus + participants: 250 Euros

                        for Earls Birds (non-Erasmus participants: 200 Euros

Deadline for registration: 15th July 2015; Early Birds registration: 30th May 2015

Grants: To participate in this course you can apply for mobility grant in the framework of the Erasmus + program! See details

To register or if you have further questions send an email to: trainings@artemisszio.hu

Conctact: Diana Szántó: 00361-4136516

This training will be held over 10 registered participants. Final confirmation will be sent one month before the date of the training.



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